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Want to sell your collection for the most money you can get, but don't want to have the work of setting up your own website, running your own auctions, or posting ads on the newsgroups? Mencik's Sportscards can help. We will accept your cards on a consignment basis.

What is consignment? What this means is that you would send your cards to us. We would grade them and give you an estimate of what we think we can sell them for. You can set a minimum value that you would accept for any given card. We then try to sell the cards for you, at or above your minimum price.

What do we get out of this? Mencik's Sportscards keeps 10% of the sale price as our consignment fee. By being a percentage, the incentive is there for us to get the best price that we can for your cards. However, please note that we typically sell cards for less than many other dealers, but that means we do sell them. If you ask too much for your cards, they likely won't sell. If we think your minimums are unrealistic, we'll let you know.

If you would like to consign your collection to us, or if you have questions about our consignment program, please send us an email.

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