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Salvino's Bammers

1998 Holiday Set 

Only Cal Ripken Still available.
 1998 Holiday Bammers
 Rookie Bammers

Only Cal Ripken Still Available.
Production limited to only 1981 individually numbered bears.

 Rookie Bammers

Mark McGwire (USA)
Sammy Sosa (Dominican Republic)
Larry Walker (Canada)
Juan Gonzalez (Puerto Rico)
Chan Ho Park (Korea)
Andruw Jones (Cuaquo)
Click on the player names above to see close-up pictures of the individual bears.
 International Bear Team
  • Each bear features the player's name and number on the back.
  • Each bear has the player's first name and flag of nationality on the front.
Complete Set: $30.00, save $12.00 over individual prices!
Mark McGwire: $10.00
Sammy Sosa: $8.00
Juan Gonzalez, Larry Walker: $7.00 each
Chan Ho Park, Andruw Jones: $5.00 each
Home Run Kings
McGwire and Sosa $12.00 each
Ruth and Maris $7.00 each

Buy the set of 4 for $30.00 and save $8.00!
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2nd Series Bamm Beano's (Bears not shown are sold out)            
Picture Beano's Name Price (OOS=Out of Stock Picture Beano's Name Price (OOS=Out of Stock
Cal Ripken Cal Ripken $10. Jim Edmonds Jim Edmonds $6.

Tuxedo Award Set

Full Set price $40.00
(Save $26.00 over the individual prices!)
McGwire, Griffey, Sosa $10.00 each
Wood, Clemens, Gonzalez $8.00 each
Grieve, Glavine $6.00 each

 Tuxedo set

NFL Bammer Set

Full Set price $70.00. That's not even $6.00 per Bear!

Individual Bear Prices:
Aikman $10.00
Bledsoe $8.00
Davis $8.00
Elway $10.00
Favre $8.00
Leaf $6.00
Manning $8.00
Marino $10.00
Rice $8.00
Stewart $8.00
Testeverde $6.00
Young $8.00
 NFL set

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